Private Spiritual Counseling

Ky Gabriel is a trained spiritual counselor and coach.  She studied for five years under the Centers For Spiritual Living and has been a spiritual student in a lineage based on the Hindu tradition since she was a child.  She grew up in and out of ashrams meditating, chanting sacred mantras and practicing various yoga disciplines.  Her unique background and studies paired with her intuitive and empathic gifts help her to support you on every level for maximum growth, healing and personal evolution.  

Whether you are working on a specific challenge or need general support on your path of healing and awakening I am honored to teach, hold space and gently guide with the greatest support and integrity.  I believe in compassion for all parts of ourselves, honoring our shadows and working within the darkness and the light to bring healing, balance and peace.  I am passionate about helping others to live an empowered authentic life and I look forward to seeing how I can support you!  ~Ky
Zoom sessions as well as limited in person sessions available in the Lakewood/Golden area. for more information or to book a session.