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Ky Gabriel is an artist, an Intuitive and a spiritual guide and counselor as well as a henna artist.  She teaches spiritual practice through mala making and japa meditation using malas (prayer beads) with an emphasis on the power of intention and mantras.  She also works with clients and groups as a counselor and guide.  Ky is available as a speaker and presenter at events and retreats.

Welcome To My Art!
Everything I create is made with love and great care.  
Please consider a beautiful gift for yourself or your loved ones.
Prayer Bead Malas are hand-knotted and blessed with sacred mantras,
108 gemstone beads.

Henna: Parties, baby showers, events or by appointment in the Denver/Boulder area.
About Malas
Malas are prayer beads made up of 108 beads used for counting mantras or affirmations repeated during your personal meditation and prayer time.  It is said that 108 times is the ideal number to take the prayer from a head space into an embodied heart space and when using a mala there is no need to count, you can let the beads do it for you!  Malas (and other forms of prayer beads) have been used for thousands of years in countless cultures and have proven to be a very effective tool for a deepened and focused practice and thus greater results in fulfillment of your personal growth and intention.  The gemstones used in my malas also carry certain energies that serve to further enhance your intentions and bring you the energies you personally need to balance your own energy.  Just wearing the mala as a necklace or bracelet is beneficial but using it in your practice is the ultimate use of your mala.  To learn more about malas and how to make your own, please consider one of my workshops!
You can also email me at KyPeacockArts@gmail.com to be added to my list.
Enjoy your beautiful and powerful mala, it is our honor to create them for you!
About Mala Workshops

Mantra, Meditation and Mala Making Workshop...MMMMM!

Join us for the powerful process of setting strong intentions and infusing your very own handmade mala beads with this energy!  Ky will lead you through a beautiful guided meditation that is designed to release old energies and call in that which you are seeking.  You will then be instructed and supported in creating your mala while many valuable lessons will be shared about how to use your mala, mantras, the number 108, care of your mala and traditions.  Your finished mala will be a tool you can wear and use to enhance your meditations and give lift to your desires!  Malas can be used to transform patterns and habits in your life as well as to help manifest that which will support your highest good. 
$72 includes all materials (note: a few stones cost a bit more)

Please join my email list to receive invitations and information on malas as well as specials.  Email me at KyPeacockArts@gmail.com or click on the contact us page. 

How it works:  Soon after you register online, I will send you a PDF catalog of stones to choose from.  You select your beads as well as your cord and tassel colors and I prepare your kit for you and bring it to the workshop.  You may also order extra kits to take home with you to make for yourself or as gifts.  Most kits are $36 (a few are more expensive due to materials cost).   Premium stones cost more depending on the stone and we can make up the difference at the time you make your selection.  The order deadline for beads is approximately 10 days before the workshop.  If you miss it, I can see what I have in stock for you or you can select the day of from the extra kits I will have with me.

Email me if you are interested in hosting your own private workshop for your friends and family or community.  The hostess can earn free mala kit(s).