"Blessing Way" Baby Blessing

Blessing Ceremonies for Life's Most Special Events

Custom designed and led by Ky Gabriel, Spiritual Guide 

"Blessing Way" Baby Blessing Ceremony

So much more than a baby shower!  This beautiful blessing ceremony is one that the expectant mother and her guests will never forget.  Surrounded by her closest loved ones in sacred circle, we will honor and uplift her in a way rarely done in western cultures.  This ceremony is intentionally presented to give Mama strength, surround her with love and shore her up energetically as she prepares to bring life into the world. 


The circle will include:

~ A luxurious foot bath for Mama including herbs, sugar, buttermilk, essential oils and rose petals.   (Ingredients to be confirmed for allergies/sensitivities beforehand.)

~ A beautiful altar customized to be meaningful and supportive to Mama. 

~ Each person will share their deep love for her and bring a small simple item that represents their energetic gifts for her as she moves into the birthing process and motherhood whether or not it is her first time. 

~ Ky will lead a sacred salt ritual to set intentions and speak prayers for the birth and beyond that will further bond the participants and the mama. All participants will be gifted some of the salt. 

~A candle and cord binding ceremony will begin the support needed for her to make it though the challenge of delivery and will be ongoing at home.  Each participant will use these tools to energetically support Mama and Baby from a distance until the little one is delivered safely. 

~ Henna Bellies are an optional add-on and will be adorned ahead of the event. 

*This can be a stand alone event (recommended) or precede a traditional baby shower. Plan for a minimum of 90 minutes once we begin. 

**Traditionally this is an event that is a circle of women however I believe in including anyone who can hold the sacred energy and is a supportive presence for the mama.


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Ceremony Investment begins at $300

Please email Ky for more information and availability.


Ky is also a professional Henna Artist and is available for Henna Bellies!  In most cases the henna is applied 2 -3 days before the Blessing Way.  Henna is available to all, not only in connection with an event.  She also books henna parties.


Malas are a sacred tool that can be incredibly supportive for an expecting mother to wear throughout pregnancy, birth and as a new mom.  These custom pieces also serve as a precious and meaningful memory of a very special time in life!  Prices vary based on the stones and include a 30 minute phone consultation with the purchaser to select the perfect crystals for Mom.  Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for mindful creation.

Investment begins at $120